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Combined SIS30315 Certificate III in Fitness & SIS40215 Certificate IV in Fitness
SIS30315 Certificate III
in Fitness
SIS40215 Certificate IV in Fitness
(SIS30315 Certificate III in Fitness is a prerequisite for this course)

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    Student Expectations

    The National Health and Fitness Academy
    Certificate III & IV in Fitness Program

    Our Goal here at the National Health and Fitness Academy is to produce trainers of the highest standard. We hold ourselves to the highest standards and go above and beyond to produce what we believe are the most outstanding trainers in the industry. To help our students get to that standard we have worked extremely hard on putting the most specific structured course possible. We can educate you to give you all the knowledge skills and tools to become super successful but at the end of the day it's really up to you. We want everyone in our course to be motivated, enthusiastic and driven and to have an "I'll do whatever it takes attitude." You are enrolling in two nationally recognised qualifications; this means that there's plenty ahead of you in both theory and practical.

    We've found that some of the most physically talented students don't always make the best trainers. It's more often than not, the ones that have the best attitudes and that are most dedicated to becoming a "Master of their trade". This list is for all our students to understand what is expected within our program. You'll also know that everyone else in the class has seen this and will also be held to the highest standard so that we all support and inspire each other along the way. These are our non-­negotiable standards, which we ask you to commit and comply with, to be accepted into our specialised Certificate III & IV in Fitness Personal Training Program.

    Energy and Positive Attitude: This is the number one requirement for you to work in the fitness industry. We offer a positive environment, and you will find it tough to be successful in personal training if you do not possess a positive attitude and Energy. No one likes anyone that is negative or takes more than they give. I simply do not recommend negative people to any potential employers. We understand that you may be coming in after working a full day and your energy levels may be low, however we ask you to find that extra energy for each class as you will need to when training clients late in the day.

    Full Attendance: You are expected to attend and participate in every practical session of your chosen course, unless organised differently at enrollment. This is a blended course that requires you to complete 100% of your face-­to-­face practical sessions throughout your course to be deemed competent for your units.

    Weekly Compulsory Missions: We have prepared a number of what we like to call "missions" to complete each week of the course. These missions are compulsory theory units that are not only requirements of your course, but we believe that these missions, tasks, or challenges are vital in helping you become an outstanding trainer.

    Punctuality: You must arrive 5­‐10 minutes early for all of your sessions so you are ready to start on time. Your punctuality is a non-negotiable standard as a Fitness Professional.

    Presentation: Dress and present yourself as a fitness professional. From day one, session one, you must be presented professionally as a fitness professional would. You will receive your NHFA shirt, which is to be worn to every session. Employers need to know that you can consistently wear a uniform.

    People Skills: Treat your classmates with respect. As PT's, your people skills & your genuine interest in other people is essential. The most successful personal trainers are those that have the ability to make other people feel special, important & leave better for seeing you!

    Be Respectful: We respect each other here & have an environment where everyone feels as though they can learn & grow and to feel comfortable to ask questions and be themselves.

    Have a desire to learn everyday: Have an open mind and be open to new concepts and ideas. Be open minded for new information, strategies techniques and ways training.

    Assessments: As this is a nationally recognised course with two qualifications attached, the assessments take time and dedication. You will have the opportunity to complete these at your own pace over 12 months from your enrolment date, but please understand that we cannot issue qualifications until these assignments are 100% complete and you have been deemed competent.

    Mobile Phones and Laptops: We do not have phones and laptops in class. You can take as many notes as you like using a pen and notepad, however we do not allow the use laptops or phones in class.

    Your Investment in your Program and/or your Student Loan: Once you have been accepted into the Program, because you have the right attitude and a serious commitment to your fitness course, we will do whatever it takes to get you into the program, whether your budget is big or small.

    If you need a student loan, we will tailor a plan to suit your budget, taking into account the amount and time frame you need. This means you now have integrity, values and a financial commitment to complete your student loan, in full and on time. If at any time throughout the program your loan falls behind, you may be asked to leave the program until you have caught up. To be fully qualified as a personal trainer, your student loan must be up-­to-date and paid in full before we can release the certificates.

    I understand that Dave and the National Health and Fitness Academy are fully committed to helping me become successful, and I am committed to my program, and I want to become as successful as possible in my Personal Training career!! I have read and understand all of the Non­‐Negotiable Standards.

    I understand that I will be asked to leave the class and/or the Program if I lower these standards in any way.

    I, agree to abide by the principles and procedures of NHFA.

    I verify that NHFA staff have discussed the grievance procedures as well as other processes and answered any questions to my satisfaction.

    I give permission for the training representative whose signature appears below to discuss my training program, development and evidence with appropriate personnel involved in the assessing.

    I have read and understand the Student Expectations document.

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