It’s what you do outside the gym that will create real success!

The most successful trainers and coaches know it’s what you do away from training and coaching that enables you to really scale your success.

When I first started as a Trainer, I thought that my skills in the gym alone would and should determine my success. It turned out quite the opposite – people won’t train with you if they don’t know about you. There’s no point being the most highly skilled trainer if no one knows you exist.

Of course, it’s important to be a Trainer with a great skill set: knowledge around anatomy and physiology, the ability to design, construct and carry out brilliantly designed programs, helping your clients perform exercises to the best of their ability with perfect technique, working around injuries, and being able to rehabilitate your clients with the current and previous injuries.

But none of that can happen unless your clients know who you are and how you can help them. So, there’s an incredible amount of work that needs to go into marketing to your target audience. Creating appealing content that helps gain new followers and allows you the opportunity to get yourself out in front of people that may want your services. On top of that, it’s about nurturing these leads and making sure you’re delivering outstanding customers service to your new and existing clients.

It’s developing the systems in your PT business that will allow you to grow. Implementation and maintenance of data bases, automating your marketing emails, developing presentations, implementing direct debit & financial systems, and creating structures that enable you and your business to grow. Most Trainers and Coaches want to scale their businesses, but rarely do they have a business. They have client bases and no systems and structures that will allow growth.

If you’re a new or current Trainer that would like to develop your business and create a greater income here are a few tips:

  1. Get clear on what you’d like your business to look like. Client numbers, session numbers, income, and time you’re willing to be in or be working on the business
  2. Go to work on those things. If you want to build your client base, marketing is where your focus should be.
  3. Breakdown that system and develop smaller objectives and outcomes. If it’s marketing, you’ll need to develop content. E.g. Video’s, blogs, articles, appealing pics & designs and work out platforms where these will be posted.
  4. Create a daily/weekly structure and standards for what needs to be done each week. 12:00-2:00pm each Tuesday is content. 12:00pm-2:00pm each Thursday is design and scheduling, and Fridays is planning.
  5. If you’re lacking knowledge and skills in this area, get a coach or mentor. They can help you to fast track by teaching you what’s required and how to do it. Plus, the accountability factor and you getting things done each week will catapult your success and it’ll pay for itself.

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