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The next step in completing your enrolment process is to enter our secure payment gateway and select the payment option that works best for you. Once your enrolment is completed you will receive an email within 48 hours from NHFA ([email protected]) with all the relevant information you will need to be ready for your course.

Included in this email will be the structure of your selected course with dates, days and times, a welcome letter from our CEO, Dave Burgis and your login details to our Online Platform. Within our online platform you will find a huge amount of additional value including our Headstart Advantage Program (HAP) which contains 10 videos that are typically designed to get you ready for the Certificate III and IV courses. The aim is to have the Headstart program finished before the start of the course to get you prepared and ready to go!

We look forward to helping you gain your qualifications and assisting you with creating your dream lifestyle doing what you love.