How can you become a six-figure Personal Trainer?

The average lifespan of a PT is just 15 months; although, this isn’t a representation of those that have the drive and dedication to succeed in the fitness industry, it’s still a concerning fact that we’ve spoken about in past articles which you can visit here

Many struggle to survive and last that long, while others have long term success as six-figure coaches, doing what they love. I was one that nearly didn’t survive even 12 months. Not really understanding what I had to do to gain new clients, how to manage them, what I needed to be doing in the business on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis, let alone the finances nearly became all too overwhelming.

For what should have been the greatest time of my life doing what I loved, felt like the most difficult thing I’d ever had to do and a constant grind that made me want to throw in the towel and go back to just an ordinary job. But I knew that would mean an ordinary life. One that, before becoming a PT, was one I no longer wanted or was prepared to live.

  • So what were the successful trainers doing?
  • The ones in the position I wanted to be in?
  • And what was the difference with successful people in other industries?

They have proven systems and processes that work, taught by successful Mentors.

This made me change my approach and for the first time, invest and work hard on what I needed to, not what I wanted to. I realised that I wanted more clients, I wanted a bigger more prestigious business, I wanted more money but I hadn’t learned the knowledge, skills, systems, and processes to make that happen – I’d just been wishing. I’d been working hard, but often on the practical side of PT and not on the vitally important business aspects responsible for all the things that I wanted.

So, I invested heavily. I went all in, I invested everything I had in my development: in learning sales, marketing, finance, bookkeeping courses, business and how to scale it. I invested in Mentors to help me learn and implement what I learned.

NHFA Founder & Director, Dave Burgis, goes through what the NHFA Business Mentorship Program is all about! Want to elevate your fitness business? This program is for you!

And now I’ve combined all of those important aspects, lessons, skills, and processes into a program designed to help you fast track your personal training or fitness business without all of the suffering.

A massive bonus is that you’ll also receive 12 CEC’s which are attached to the program. This gives you all of your continuing education credits to re-register with AusActive (formally Fitness Australia) taking all the stress out of needing those later on.

If you’ve got a dream of being a successful Personal Trainer or Coach, but don’t know where to start, lack the business skills, direction and knowledge to make it happen, then our Business Mentorship Program is for you.

Trainers & Coaches that:

  • Want to skyrocket their growth and income
  • Are looking to become a business operator, not just a trainer        
  • Are hungry to rapidly grow their client base and develop long-term success strategies
  • Are seeking mentors, accountability, and coaching
  • Are committed to developing their entrepreneurial skills to bigger and better things
  • Those that are looking for proven step-by-step systems & strategies to build and scale their business

Writing your success story starts TODAY

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