Fitness Industry Options

In the fitness industry we have so many options for people to earn great money doing something they’re passionate about. With the Certificate III in Fitness qualifications, we have options around group exercise and with the more popular Certificate IV in Fitness we have options to narrow down to one-on-one personal training or coaching.

These days most people who are considering gaining their fitness qualifications realise the importance of having both the Cert III & IV in Fitness to allow them more opportunities and options regarding delivering their services to a wider range of potential clients.

With the Cert 3 in Fitness, you can offer a variety of group exercise. This includes developing and running your own indoor bootcamps in halls etc or outdoor bootcamps in parks or at the beach. Not a bad office, right? This allows us the option to really scale and earn great money especially for those where our time is a little tighter with other commitments. As an example, if charging $20 per person, which is a fairly common investment, and having 15 people along your earning $300 for the 45 min. session minus your set up and pack up. Run 3-4 of these per week and you’re earning a great income with a small delivery time.

If you didn’t want the task of setting up your own bootcamp and managing it which is challenging for some, it may be best to look at delivering classes at popular group exercise facilities like F45, Bodyfit, Fitstop or Arena which is located in a lot of Goodlife health clubs. You could also go the extra step and become Les Mills qualified and deliver many of their classes that a lot of gyms will run. These have been delivered for years and still remain super popular. These are options where you will be paid per class so you can then decide if you’d like to be delivering these classes to develop a part time or fulltime income.

With the Cert 4 in Fitness, it opens all sorts of doors. You can deliver one-on-one personal training, online coaching or develop a niche like training pre- or post-natal, strength and condition coaching, rehabilitation, the list is endless. You can even work on cruise ships or within big resorts servicing their guests which is growing rapidly again now.

NHFA Founder & Director, Dave Burgis, goes through Fitness Industry Options! In the fitness industry we have so many options for people to earn great money doing something they’re passionate about.

Some gyms will employ you as a Coach or Personal Trainer and pay you a wage, but most gyms and health clubs have an IBO or the trainer runs their own small business independently from within the gym. You can check out more info about it here

As an IBO, if you have the drive and desire to run your own small business and you’d like to create a higher income this model can be fantastic. You can earn great money by offering members sessions and conducting 30-40 sessions per week and averaging around $60 per session. Many trainers are doing more sessions and charging more but that will give you an idea. If you do want to be super successful as an IBO you will need business skills to be able to operate at a high level, which is why we created our specialised fitness business program, more info on it can be found here

So, depending on what you are looking to achieve, there’s an option that will suit you. The starting point is to gain your fitness qualifications which is the Certificate III & IV in Fitness. Once you have these fitness certifications you will then have options and it’s just about choosing the best structure for you.

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