What is the best Certificate III & IV in Fitness Course?

Trying to pick the best personal training course is challenging.
There are many different ways that the Certificate III in Fitness and Certificate IV in Fitness courses are delivered. We offer our Personal Training certification as a combined face-to-face course option with different days and times to suit most people.

When first contemplating becoming a Personal Trainer I had doubts about firstly, my own capabilities and if I’d be able to successfully complete the course and secondly, if I’d successfully be able to transition and change careers.

I’d heard lots of great things about the profession but also some that was concerning. Like that there were already lots of Personal Trainers, the market was flooded, and that even though earning capacity was extremely high, it was often very inconsistent. But I know that if I wanted it bad enough, I’d find a way. Just like every other successful person has done with anything in life. I moved past my fears and decided to give myself the chance to do something I actually loved as a career and ultimately enjoy my lifestyle, something I felt I hadn’t been doing.

I was really time poor but desperate to get of my job and with my passion always being health, fitness, and training I knew it was the right move forward. So initially I looked at online courses. I thought that this may be the best way for me to try and juggle my job which I needed to maintain my income and pay for the course, but after looking closely I learned quickly this would not be the right option.

I’d never been great at sitting at a computer for hours and having to study. I was always much more of a hands-on person. I was worried if I started online that I may lose interest and end up not completing. I was also extremely concerned about learning something so practical and hands-on, online. I really wanted it to work, to give myself every opportunity to succeed and not waste my money.

A face-to-face course allowed me the chance to be around other positive like-minded people, where I looked forward to going into class and being taught by industry experts. It also helped me to raise my standards with the other students giving me contrast around how I’d need to develop my knowledge and skills to be successful in the industry. I was also able to start networking with the coaches and develop my skills much faster then I ever could or would have online. I had the chance to ask questions, get feedback on where I needed to improve and make sure that I was ready to change careers. Looking back, I never would have had any of this if I choose to do my course online. I also had no idea that I would have to find a trainer that would let me do work experience or shadowing hours. Over 40 hours and that most personal trainers won’t allow you to as it adds more work for them having to sign off and complete paperwork on your behalf not to mention someone about to enter the same industry knowing all their trade secrets. Makes sense now looking back, but that was not made clear to me when first looking into my online course.

So, the best personal training course for me was definitely delivered face-to-face, with a combination of theory taught in a classroom inside the gym, and the practical out on the gym floor gaining real life experience.

At the National Health and Fitness Academy, there are lots of option that allows people the best learning environment and the best shot at success.

These options include:

Full-time courses on Tuesday-Friday over 8 weeks

Saturday only courses

Weeknight courses

And Part-Time courses that are a couple of nights per week and Saturday mornings.

So, if you’ve got a desire to become one of the industries best Personal Trainers or Coaches, contact us to see what the best options are for you.