What is a Personal Trainers salary in Australia?

Personal Trainers can make great money. While some Trainers or Coaches with poor attitudes, work ethic, and drive are barely getting by, there are others that are consistently making over $3000 per week. What’s more, they are earning a fantastic income doing what they love.

Trainers with a Certificate III in Fitness may choose to do the group exercise model, such as an F45 or many of the other various HIIT group training models and be paid a wage or salary by the business. This often varies depending on the Trainers’ skills and experience however, most of these Trainers full-time are earning $45,000 – $55,000 per year.

Other Trainers who have gained the higher qualification, being the Certificate IV in Fitness certification, are qualified to carry out one-on-one personal training sessions. A popular choice of Trainers that are prepared to run as an independent business owner (IBO), may start in a health club like Goodlife Health Clubs, EMF, or Fitness First. Effectively this means that they are operating their own small business within a larger facility, with a larger capacity to earn a higher income.

With this model they will pay rent to the gym at around $300 per week and be directly paid by members in the gyms for the sessions that they are completing with members. We see most trainers that are hungry for success earning around $90,000 – $110,000 per year while keeping their hours down around 35 hours per week

Elite trainers who have gained a reputation over time by delivering outstanding results will be heavily in demand and develop the opportunity to increase their hourly rate and have clients on a waiting list. It is extremely common to see these trainers charging $80 – $100 per session with the average being around 45 minutes, earning a 6-figure income.

To go a step further there are Trainers with brilliant reputations and niche skill sets charging much more; most of the Trainers are completing 40 – 50 x 45-minute sessions per week.

These Trainers with a combination of one-on-one personal training or coaching sessions, group sessions or bootcamps, and some online programs, will have an income of well over $150,000 per year and even exceeding $200,000 per year.

NHFA Founder & Director, Dave Burgis, explaining Personal Trainers salaries in detail

How do I become one of the industries’ best personal trainers or coaches?

  1. It is important to be educated by the right provider, to learn the knowledge and skills to become one of the industries’ best Personal trainers.
  2. Gain Certificate III & IV in Fitness qualifications to be eligible to work in Australia’s leading health clubs.
  3. Gain extra Fitness certificates to learn a niche, become an expert, and create a point of difference to other trainers.
  4. After learning the tools of being a great Personal Trainer, you must learn the business skills specific to personal training to take yourself to the next level and implement, systems, and processes to scale your PT Business.
    To assist our trainers to reach their desired level we off the NHFA Rapid Growth Business Program where we create 100K plus trainers and coaches.
  5. Have exceptional customer service, treat your valued clients how they should be treated all so that they continue to train with you long term and who will become evangelists and drive more business your way.