3 ­­Biggest Mistakes People Make When Studying Personal Training

1. They go with the cheapest option, don’t consider both costs

There are so many different course options regarding online, blended, or face-to-face options that all come with different investment options. The reason I say investment, is that most people when considering their options look at the course as a cost.

How much is it going to cost me to do this course and gain my personal training qualifications? What’s the financial cost of the course, $4000, 6000, $8000?

It may cost an extra $2000 to attend a high-quality course.

As opposed to the mindset of, what kind of investment will it be to attend the best personal training course and give myself the best education and access to the industries best coaches and mentors? If you were taught extra knowledge, skills, and expertise to earn an extra $30k per year, would you invest an extra $2000 in the course that showed you how to do it??

There’s a reason that the industries best PTs are earning well in excess of 100k per year. Just like top athletes or clubs invest heavily in the best coaches, we should consider the same if we are looking to become a high performer in our profession.  

So, when considering the course cost, keep in mind that you’re actually investing in a course, knowledge skills, experience and the opportunity of giving yourself every chance of a successful career in the fitness industry.

NHFA Founder & Director, Dave Burgis, explaining the biggest mistakes people make when studying Personal Training in detail

2. They don’t consider the expertise of the coaches and education

There will be courses that are taught online all by videos that if completed, will issue a Certificate III and IV in Fitness qualification. But we know from experience that completing a course online has a super low completion. And even when you are trudging through the textbooks and occasional video, it certainly doesn’t mean that you’ll be taught by amazing coaches that can break complicated subjects down and make them easy to understand – and what’s even more important, the opportunity to implement and practice to make sure you’re industry ready with amazing skills that people will pay for.  

There are also courses out there that rely on “mentors” – these are usually trainers that are looking for blended online providers to pay them to allow you to shadow or complete work experience hours.

Can you imagine an extremely great PT or coach, who is high demand earning big money needing to do this? Which begs the question, what kind of PT is looking for this extra income. One that probably isn’t earning a great income from Personal Training and looking to subsidise their income. So, what kind of knowledge and skills do these people have and where did they complete their training?? If you want to be the best, it makes sense to get trained by the best.

At NHFA we seek out the very best Personal Trainers & Coaches and pay them well and truly above what other organisations do to have them give up their time to come and educate our students, ensuring we are delivering the very best personal training course and more than just a certificate.

3. Forget the big picture. Where they’d like to work and how to start there.

I’m sure you’ve heard it’s not what you know but who you know right? Or your network equals your net worth. All have an element of truth in them that’s for sure.

If you complete your course online, it’s definitely a disadvantage in developing a network within the fitness industry. For most people who are completing the personal training certification, they have an aim of becoming an online coach, or starting in the industry at a personal training studio, gym, or health club. It would make perfect sense to be part of a community that has connections and direct pathways into these facilities.

Delivering fitness qualifications since 2009, we have developed strong relationships and can almost but guarantee interviews and a foot in the door at the facility, or with the person you need to know to start your dream career.