How does a Personal Trainer or Coach charge more?

A Personal Trainer or Coach can charge more for their services for several reasons. However, lets focus on the obvious one.

Trainers and Coaches can charge more when they are in demand – when they’re great at what they do and deliver a service that clients see worthy of their investment.

If a trainer wants to charge a larger amount per session, program, or package they need to be able to deliver that to their clients and for them to be able to justify the investment. If a Trainer wants to charge double what other Coaches are, then the product or service needs to have a perceived value by the purchaser of being worthy of that investment.

Let’s take cars as an example, there are $40k cars and $80k cars.
The purchaser of the 80K car doesn’t expect two cars, however, they do expect twice the value of the 40k car. The reason they are purchasing an 80k car is because it has features the 40k car does not have, and those areas are where they place value. It could be power, handling, safety and the list goes on.

Just like a purchaser of a car and their expectations, there will be the same with a Trainer or Coach. If someone is investing more, there will be more expectations on the Trainer, along with everything that is delivered as part of their service or package.

NHFA Founder & Director, Dave Burgis, breaks down how a Personal Trainer or Coach can charge more.

These will vary and that’s why as Trainer, it pays dividends to sit down with your client, understand their goals, expectations, and budgets to design something that can be individualised around them. This could include how many face-to-face sessions per week, what other programs will be delivered, how they are delivered, check-ins, eating plans etc.

Another way is specialising in certain areas and possessing a skillset or experience that other Trainers and Coaches don’t have. An example may be rehabilitation and you’re able to rehabilitate clients with certain injuries, faster and more safely than anyone else.
What value do potential clients put on that?
Therefore, you’re going to be in demand and able to demand more for your specialty area of expertise. Of course, this means developing your knowledge and skills in those key areas and building an expert reputation which all takes time.

Other areas could be Strength and Conditioning for sports performance, especially specialising in a certain sport or hobby that people take seriously. Pre & post-natal, training those with disabilities, or comp prep coaching just to name a few.

Once you start creating results that are there for everyone to see, a great reputation will quickly follow. Not only will you be creating a good income, but you’ll now be in the position to start putting up your prices and start earning more money for the same time outlay.

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