What makes a great Personal Trainer or Coach?

Some might think it’s being incredible fit, super toned, and muscles for miles. But are these things really what makes a Personal Trainer outstanding?

Absolutely not! You might be surprised at what skills make a Personal Trainer outstanding and you might already have some, if not all, of these skills already.

Let’s look at 5 important skills every outstanding Personal Trainer has:

  1. PASSION – An outstanding Personal Trainer LOVES what they do! They love fitness and health, but most of all they love helping others achieve their goals and get into shape. Nothing is more rewarding for an outstanding trainer than watching their clients transform, hit their goals, and start living the life they desire.
  2. THE ABILITY TO LEAD BY EXAMPLE – This skill might sound very simple however, it is one of the most important skills an outstanding Personal Trainer can have. Mastering this skill helps inspire others, motivates your clients, and creates a respectful relationship with your client – this enables you to build a trusting relationship with your client. Which brings us to our next skill!
  1. A RELATIONSHIP BUILDER – No, this does not mean dating your clients! An outstanding Personal Trainer develops exceptional communication skills. Some people are naturally better at communicating than others, however, this is a skill that everyone can learn and develop. Building good relationships with potential clients is what converts them into regular paying clients. Your clients’ needs and goals will all vary, but the one thing they will all have in common is that they want to feel heard and understood. Being a great listener is paramount – once you have ‘heard’ your client, you can create an amazing program tailored just for them!

  2. KNOWLEDGE – This is one of the most important skills you need in any chosen industry. An outstanding Personal Trainer will be a lifelong student, always looking to better themselves and their knowledge base. By gaining your Fitness qualification you will receive an extensive amount of knowledge, both the fundamentals and industry-based knowledge to make you not only an outstanding Personal Trainer, but also a desire to become a lifelong learner!

  3. FOCUSED – There is nothing worse than feeling like you’re not a priority and you will not maintain regular and consist cliental if you don’t remain laser focused on your client for the short time you have with them. An outstanding Personal Trainer gives their completely undivided focus and attention to their client each & every time they have a session.

If you can master these 5 skills, you are well on your way to becoming an outstanding Personal Trainer, with an amazing career helping others and in turn creating the lifestyle you dream off! For more information on our courses drop us a line or a quick call.

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