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Technology: the changing face of Personal Training

Technology: the changing face of Personal Training

technology and personal training

According to the Huffington Post, within the last five years there has been general upward trend in Google searches for both ‘gym membership’ and ‘fitness app’ and “when we see a spike in one, there is a comparative increase in the other.”

Some fitness professionals such as Flow Athletic’s co-owner Ben Lucas have been recommending their favourite wearable tech to their clients and have had positive results stating “We’ve had a lot of success with the Fitbit [you can] set yourself a target of 10-thousand steps a day. It’s proving a great way to keep people motivated and accountable. And there’s the sense of satisfaction when they hit targets.”

Good Life Health Clubs’ Jay Baikie told The Huffington Post Australia fitness apps and gyms tend to go ‘hand in hand’ and that “Apps keep people accountable, but they can’t replace the personalised experience or social interaction that comes with a personal trainer. Research shows that a PT can build better, faster results than solely using an app or online program.”

All in all it looks like the collaboration between fitness apps and personal training is going to have a bright future in the industry.

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