Exercise May Lessen Falls for Older Adults with Mental Illness

Although it is widely known that regular exercise provides many health benefits, a recent study by the American Geriatrics Society has found that regular exercise can prevent older adults with mental illness, such as Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia, from dangerous, potentially life-threatening falls.

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The Benefits of a Positive Mental Attitude

A positive mental attitude can be achieved through self-discipline and research, but it is also possible to achieve a positive mental attitude through good health and fitness routines.

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Keeping Fit in the Colder Months

It can be difficult when our 5am alarm wakes us for a training session and it’s still dark and very cold outside! It can be difficult for Personal Trainers and clients alike to stay motivated during the cooler months for a number of reasons.

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How do I become a Personal Trainer?

What’s the process, on becoming a personal trainer?
What qualifications do I need to become a personal trainer?
Where do I start?

These are all great questions and even though there’s lots of providers out there, it can be hard to get a straight forward answer about what becoming a personal trainer involves.

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Fitness Trends For 2017

Fitness Trends For 2017 2016 has been a busy year for Personal Trainers and people jumping on the fitness wagon. Along with a general rise in boot camps, hybrid classes and boutique studios, this past year has seen an enormous increase in online fitness programs and ‘challenges.’ While we all want everyone to be happy, […]

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5 Tips to Keep Clients Motivated During the Holidays

5 Tips to Keep Clients Motivated During the Holidays The holidays are here! Schools out, the offices are closing and there is a sense of excitement for Christmas parties, indulging in delicious treats, spending time with family and taking time to relax and recuperate from the busy year. Sounds great doesn’t it? The only drawback […]

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The Benefits of Training in the Great Outdoors

At NHFA we are committed to educating our students on a wide and diverse range of fitness training skills and techniques.  We understand the importance of Personal Trainers being able to easily adapt to different surroundings whilst still catering to the needs of their clients. Not every client will want to get into shape in […]

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Fitness Technology: Indoor Cycling

Group indoor cycling classes (also referred to as RPM classes) are one of the most popular indoor exercise classes for women. The class usually involves an extremely motivational instructor cycling at the front of the class paired with intense dance music. However, a new trend has hit the indoor cycling scene and is gaining momentum […]

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Personal Training – More than Physical Fitness

Personal Training | More than Physical Fitness Being a personal trainer or fitness instructor is a very rewarding profession. You have the ability and skillset to help your clients regain or maintain control of their physical health through exercise and nutrition. You can see a client’s progress first-hand and experience a feeling of accomplishment for motivating them to […]