Trainer of the Month | Luke Pearce Rips it up


Luke Pearce, aka Ript Rhino is our Trainer of the Month for May 2015.

Luke was a butcher before he decided to change careers. He was an easy student to teach because he loved learning. He smashed through our full range of training to qualify three years ago as a Personal Trainer.

Luke was organised, he’d landed a position at Fenix Nerang (now Goodlife Nerang), as a Personal Trainer, when he finished our courses and also launched his own business at the same time.

He started Ript Rhino Fitness and Self Development, which provides a range of online products like fitness programs, nutritional plans, recipe books, self-development programs and fitness clothing; as well as Personal Training. He has a huge range of videos, ebooks and blog content to help people achieve their fitness goals, well worth checking out.

For the past two years, Luke has been providing his services as a NHFA Guest Coach, taking the Group Fitness component of the course. We caught up with Luke to find out a bit more about him and his thoughts for up and coming Personal Trainers.

“So what was driving you to be so motivated Luke?”

Luke said, “I’ve just found it to be such a hugely fulfilling job. I had a bit of a rough upbringing and wasn’t really encouraged to do many things. Becoming a Personal Trainer has allowed me to do for others what was missing for me. I show people that anything is possible. They can actually do anything they set their minds to. I love helping others get their foot in the door and change their lives. When you do what you love to do you never work another day in your life!”

“Any words of wisdom for other people trying to break into a career as a Personal Trainer Luke?”

“Gosh, yeah, quite a bit I guess.

  • Firstly, Personal Training really is a lot more, than just fitness training. That part is easy, showing someone how to do a squat etc. The hard part is working with each person to find out what makes him or her tick; what they value and what they believe in. Finding out how to help build their motivation and self-development is the challenging part.
  • Secondly, be prepared to work hard to get there. It isn’t difficult it is just doing the work and following the steps required. Follow the information you are taught. Just keeping taking it one-step-at-a-time and you will get there.
  • The final one is really important. Do what YOU do best. Don’t try to be someone else. I’ve seen 40 – 50 PT’s come and go through Goodlife who try to be someone else – like trying to do celebrity fitness and preaching what they don’t even do themselves – just be yourself!”

Luke has worked extremely hard on building his business. He has generated tonnes of content on his website and is very active on social media. It has paid off because he’s now getting quite a bit of website traffic, with 50% of his clients coming through his website.

Check out Luke’s on Social Media. He is a great leader and mentor for future Personal Trainers so keep in touch and don’t be shy to get in contact.

Best of luck with everything Luke!