Last blog we spoke about where to start if things aren’t working. I mentioned that there were a few places to start, and it could be 1 or all of 3-4 things. I’m following on from that as we only got through the very first place to start.

So, if you haven’t read last weeks, that’s where you need to start (read here). But if you’re like me you’ll probably continue to read this, then go and have a look at last weeks after. But make sure you do because in my experience most trainers, including myself back when I was a trainer, will find most of their answers there.

Once again in these short blogs I won’t be able to tell you how to fix it, or even know what it is for sure, but I will be able to tell you how to identify it at least. Then it’ll be up to you to gain help from someone with that specific skill set or make changes you’ve identified need to happen.

Which is actually the next step – Take specific determined action! Once you’ve identified a challenge or a place that needs work, make those changes quickly. Don’t just sit on your hands and think it’ll improve; it won’t change until you do. Businesses are complicated and there are so many moving pieces. There are many things, especially as an IBO where generally it’s just you in the business, that you need to be good at: marketing, sales, customer service, finances, managing software, organisation – the list goes on and on!

NHFA Founder & Director, Dave Burgis, gives advice to Personal Trainers or Coaches who feel like it’s just not working

But if I had to put my finger on what I think the majority of Trainers and Coaches’ BIGGEST problem is, is that they don’t have enough clients – so now we’ve identified a big problem. It doesn’t mean that whole system is broken, we can chunk down until we find the problem. Here’s an example in the video so that you can start with this process. This was given to me by one of my millionaire mentors and has been something that I’ve used to identify, fix but sometimes just really dominate in certain areas.

The cool thing is that it’s just about understanding the process. You may not have the tools, experience, or expertise on how to fix it. But you now know the key specific area that’s letting you down and can find a coach or mentor to help you build the knowledge and skills to fix it. You no longer have to feel helpless in trying to work out what’s not working or why it’s not working. That’s crippling to any entrepreneur and their motivation and passion for what they do. You now have a process to identify and rectify with specific determined action steps.

Once you understand that process, you’ll be able to go through each part of your business at any time now or in the future as your fitness business grows and develops and know exactly where to work on! 

Part 3 to come!