As most PT’s start as an IBO (Independent Business Owner) in a club, they are running their own business. Obviously there will be teething challenges. There’s brand news systems, processes, and self-expectation to deal with. I know myself when I was first starting out how challenging it was for me in those first 12 months. So, what if it’s not going the way you planned? What if you’re battling away and you feel like you’re a mouse on a wheel and you’re not where you thought you’d be?

Well, there’s a few places to start and it could be 1 or all of 3-4 things.
In this short blog I won’t be able to tell you how to fix it, but I will be able to tell you how to identify it at least. Then it’ll be up to you to gain help from someone with that specific skill set or make changes.

First place to start is yourself. Have you got the drive, determination, and attitude to make it work? If you feel like you should just be popping on your uniform and people should be coming up to you begging to train, that’s the first sign something needs to change. If you feel like the gym should be giving you all these leads and you’re not getting them, that needs to change. If it’s always someone or something else being the reason, you’ve already found 80% of the problem. You’re welcome! 

NHFA Founder & Director, Dave Burgis, gives advice to Personal Trainers or Coaches who feel like it’s just not working

You’re in charge of your own business and you need to take ownership over everything and all its outcomes. Once you’ve accepted this, you can take charge and take ownership of not just the poor results you’ve been getting, but now hopefully with decisive action, the great ones that will come your way.

The simplest place to start is looking at the wheel of Business. Here you can Identify the areas specific to your business and work out where the key areas are that are letting you down. Once you have established this, then you can go to work on creating a strategy that is simply broken down with action tasks on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis to rectify and improve those areas. A business is just like the body. There are many parts or systems and when one isn’t working, the whole thing won’t work as it should. We need to identify the problem, then implement the key components to make that system work efficiently.

Here’s a link to a Special Video that you can gain an understanding of exactly how to do it. I’ve taken it straight from our 6-Figure trainer program. Its sole focus is helping trainers and coaches build their business to 6-figures and maintain it consistently.

The next part is finding a coach or mentor to help establish a process or system to have you firing and achieving what you’re capable of. If that’s us or you’d like to know more about our program, please let us know.

Next step to come in Part 2!