Where to start as a confident or experienced Trainer & Coach 

You may have read the previous blog, which was all around where to start as younger or less experienced trainer after gaining your fitness certificates (read blog here).
There are so many options and because of that it can get pretty confusing working out where to start. The same applies even if you know your way around the gym or you’ve got a lot of experience.

If you’re more experienced, have built great communication and people skills over the years, and you’ve got the drive and desire to run your own business, the starting in a larger health club or fitness facility can be a great option. This means you’ll be paying rent weekly to that facility and effectively running your own business. Now I love this model as it allows you to really make great money and go on, like so many of our graduates, to make 6-figure incomes. If you train more clients, you’ll make more money. Many driven trainers are charging around $60-$80 per session and conducting 40-50 sessions per week. Great money right!?

So, when I’m talking larger health clubs, I’m referring to options like EMF, Goodlife Health Clubs, Genesis, Fitness First etc. These are right up there in my opinion, as the clubs are generating a lot of new members. These members often purchase a PT pack consisting of 2-3 introductory Personal Training sessions and in return becomes an interested lead for the trainers and coaches. This means that while you’ll be generating your own leads, the club will be assisting you as well. This really helps in building your business quickly and getting yourself to an income to replace your old job faster than most other options.

NHFA Founder & Director, Dave Burgis, gives insight & advice to experienced Personal Trainer & Coaches with their PT business and journey

Most gyms and health clubs offer a tiered system where you pay no rent to begin with and then as your income builds so does the rent. It’s not only the big gyms but also other smaller gyms like Anytime Fitness, Jetts, Plus Fitness, Snap Fitness, and many smaller commercial based gyms as well. These all run with a similar offer for people and can help you develop your business while often competing with less trainers in that facility – more about this in next week’s blog.

Lots of trainers entertain the thought of starting out on their own or going straight online. These can be options but, in my experience, don’t work out more often the not. Firstly, most people don’t have the skillset and business skills, and secondly these can take a long time to build and if you don’t have good savings, you can quickly run out of money.

In my opinion, it’s starting in one of the above options so that you have the ability to train face-to-face clients in a professional well-equipped gym and if you are interested in going online building that on the side. That way you have both options and can create packages based on whatever type of training your client desires. The only thing that will stop you is your drive and motivation, and your ability to build your own small business. If that is a concern, I’d strongly recommend you consider our Business Mentorship Program. It helps trainers and coaches reach a 6-figure income and shows you exactly what to do and how to do it step-by-step.

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