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When considering gaining your Certificate III & IV in Fitness, there’s many things to consider. The most important factor revolves around the education and particularly who’s coaching it. After all this is your future.

If you want to be successful and have a skillset that matches or outperforms other PTs, then you’ll need to be taught by experts. It makes no sense to choose a cheap course, where you’re only answering questions on an online platform and expect to have an amazing career outperforming other personal trainers and coaches who invested in a premium course with their long-term future in mind. Not only that, but you’ll also want an amazing PT skillset that impresses your clients and where they’ll always want to keep training with you.

Having fitness qualifications alone will not make you extraordinarily successful – especially one gained predominantly online when Personal Training is such a hands-on career – an extraordinary knowledge & skillset base, a pathway into the industry with the finest gyms & health clubs, and ongoing business mentoring & support will!

The biggest danger to most people is falling into the trap of choosing the cheapest way. While people aren’t stupid and understand that qualifications that come cheap are that for a reason but still sometimes, we hope that it’ll all just work out when, more often than not, it doesn’t.

NHFA Founder & Director, Dave Burgis, discusses cheap Personal Training Courses

We’ve had so many people come and see us after wasting their money by choosing an online course, despite knowing that they couldn’t really see themselves sitting down at a computer 10 hours a week for a year (or after being told 3 months) not being able to motivate themselves and being completely bored, uninspired, and left angry at their choice. Then doing what they said they knew they should have done originally and enrolling our Cert 3 and 4 in Fitness course. Which you’ll find has a great reputation, taught face-to-face by experts, a heavy focus on the practical application, and an education designed around helping you become successful.

If money is an issue, we have great easy payment plans and which fits into almost every one’s budget. There is no need to compromise your education, skills, and long-term success by enrolling in a cheap a course.

The next consideration is where would you like to start? In a certain gym or health club or online? Does the education provider that you are thinking of investing your hard-earned cash, have a relationship with that facility and can assist you in gaining employment?
What about being an online trainer? Will you develop all the skills and have ongoing mentoring and support to help you with it? Most places definitely won’t, however we have our Business Mentoring program that does just that.

Yes, there will be a cost in a higher and better-quality education, but you’ll have status and recognition from the industry.
The big question is, what’s the cost of not doing a great course? The couple of thousand that you choose to invest in a premium course and coaches, will come back tenfold and you’ll have a successful long-term career doing something you love!

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