Natalie Fong completed her Certificate III & IV in Fitness at NHFA 18 months ago and has been a Personal Trainer at Goodlife Health Club at Bundall on the Gold Coast ever since.

Nat had been working in hospitality prior to doing her qualifications and is so pleased she took the leap, enrolled and is loving her Personal Training career. Making such a large impact on people’s lives has given her so much satisfaction and fulfilment.

Nat actually enquired about a month before she enrolled in the course, and we had quite a few conversations before she committed. It took her a little longer than normal because she had a lot of self-doubt. She wondered if she could ‘make it’ in the fitness industry and if she’d be able to teach and guide people with their health and training. She knew she was good at her own training but just didn’t know if she’d ever have the confidence and knowledge to be able to successfully train others.

For such a long time Nat would drive to work crying in her car. She worked as a full-time Restaurant Shift Manager and found it incredibly stressful, unfulfilling, and she was totally unappreciated (even bullied at times). But it was a case of “better the devil you know” – at least she knew she could do her hospitality job, even if she hated it.

After several phone chats where Nat could express her concerns and get her questions answered she decided enough was enough and she was going to give it a go!

She could either stay where she was and continue to be unhappy or she could give it a red hot go! And she’s never been happier!

“It’s the best decision I’ve ever made, I only wish I had of done it sooner”

NHFA Graduate and Personal Trainer at Goodlife Bundall, Nat Fong, talks about her experience!

So, what factors does Nat contribute to her success in the fitness industry?
There’s several, however the 2 main factors are who she did her course with and where she started her career. Nat loved everything about NHFA’s Personal training course! Her class really gelled, and she even made a few lifelong friendships from it – a couple of them now work with her at the same gym!

Having access to NHFA’s coaches, their expertise, knowledge and skills is what Nat believes made the difference to her success. Having a variety of coaches with different areas of expertise was definitely a huge advantage for her.
“There’s no possible way I could have learnt that amount of knowledge from one or 2 coaches, and definitely not from an online course”

The second factor is NHFA’s pathways into the Fitness industry where Nat successfully gained a position as a Personal Trainer at Goodlife Health Club at Bundall.
There Nat skyrocketed into the industry, converting her first 6 kickstart clients into paying clients, all of which are still clients today (18 months later). In fact, the first ever call she made converted into a paying client who has never in 18 months missed one of her 3 sessions a week!

Nat started under the guidance of Goodlife’s Personal Training Manager, Jeff Osbourne, who is also one of NHFA’s coaches and is one of the most knowledgeable people within the fitness industry. With the sales and marketing skills Nat learnt during the course and with some guidance and encouragement from Jeff, Nat hit the ground running and has never looked back. She currently does over 40 sessions a week and shared with me that she works half the hours she used to work in her hospitality job and makes a whole lot more money!
With the extra time she has Nat has been working on her own clothing line which she will be launching later this year. She now gets to spend real quality time with her partner and her family doing the things she loves and has recently purchased her dream car!

Nat is now specialising in female specific training and is supporting pregnant and new mums with their pre and postpartum health and fitness journey. She also focuses on core strength, strength, body transformation and weight loss.

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