My Face-to-Face PT Course Experience

When I first considered becoming a Personal Trainer, I really didn’t know what my end goal was. I really didn’t know all my options or even how the industry worked. I just knew I hated my job which gave me no job satisfaction, dreaded going back to work after the weekend, and knew that it wasn’t going to be my future.

I started to look at different course options. I was strapped for cash so of course I looked at the cheaper options to begin with. There were a couple of online ones that were cheap that caught my eye, but I knew sitting at a computer all day was not something that I could handle; nor would have been all the practical hours, videos, and endless other fine print. Plus, the reviews were average to say the least.

I really wanted this to work, not like other things where I kind of just hoped it would – I really wanted to be a Personal Trainer! I knew I could achieve big things if I could just find the right path, and I believed that the right path was being taught face to face in a class. I wasn’t overly excited about the theory part, based on my school results, but I was keen to learn the theory behind programming and to help with my own training. Plus, I felt it would be the best and only way for me to be able to move through the course quickly and stay on track.

NHFA Founder & Director, Dave Burgis, goes through his own face-to-face personal training course experience!

I was really looking forward to the practical, learning off the coaches, and developing new skills and tools that I could use myself and eventually with my clients. It wasn’t until I was in the course that I knew I’d made the right decision. Having the coaches to ask questions, maintain progress, and to learn from was awesome. And to my surprise the other students were great, which I really was anxious about going into the course. In my mind I was thinking everyone was either going to be a body builder or a fitness model, which wasn’t the case. We often worked together to help each other build our skills and confidence as we were all learning together.

It also gave me contrast, which is something that you simply can’t get if you’re doing an online course. You can’t see where your skills and knowledge are at in certain areas compared to the others. It allowed me to see the areas that I really needed to focus on and become better at to get to the standard that I wanted to be at, and to be competitive and successful in the industry.

Because you’re able to work with fellow classmates you don’t need to do all the videoing, gathering people to video yourself doing consultations, one-on-one PT sessions and groups, which can be super hard to organise. Everything can all be done in class making it much easier and less overwhelming.

While online options may be ok for some, I knew that I was not one of them. Looking back, I did not realise how important, not just the decision to do my course would be, but also HOW to do it and I’m so thankful I chose a face-to-face course; I probably wouldn’t have finished otherwise, and I learned way more than I could have ever imagined. I would not be where I am today without it, and to this day I’m still friends with some of my classmates – one of which is still a great mate that’s still in the industry with me that I work closely with, and was even best man at his wedding!

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