Qualifications alone, aren’t enough!

Being in business has taught me so much! I think completely differently these days. When I’m researching, I have a completely different set of questions I use to make decisions as appose to back when I was in my early 20’s and lacking any success in my life.

When I was first considering becoming a Personal trainer my first though was: Could I really become one and would I be successful? There were initially a lot of doubts, but I entertained the possibly. From there my very next thought was: How much does it cost? I think I might have even googled it. How much does it cost to become a Personal Trainer? It’s a fair question of course, but certainly not the best question to ask and comes from a pretty poor mindset. Not a winning or a high achiever type mindset.

A better question is where’s the best place for me to gain my personal training qualifications? How can I become an elite level personal trainer where I learn everything that I need to become successful? Now there’s a couple of great questions to ask when thing about a career in the fitness industry.

Not what is the cheapest personal training course. We’ve all heard the saying cheap and nasty. Burt even if it’s not nasty, it’s cheap, and it must be cheap for a reason.
What’s it missing that a premium course provider offers?

NHFA Founder & Director, Dave Burgis, gives insight as to why qualifications alone aren’t enough for success.

It’s probably missing some of these essential components:

  • The industries best trainers and coaches delivering the course and providing the training.
  • Face to face hands on practical classes and workshops rather then you trying to learn online and getting no real practical experience.
  • Videos of all the theory components. Not just a textbook to learn from.
  • Ongoing mentoring and support with the industries best trainers and coaches! Not just a PT that works in a gym that becomes your mentor or is provided.
  • Direct pathways into the industry and on receiving your qualifications assistance into the industry with our industry partners including all of the industry’s biggest and best brands.
  • Ongoing mentoring in developing your knowledge and skills to enable you to specialise in niche areas and allow you to become a specialist
  • Ongoing business mentoring assisting you in not just creating an income but becoming a 6-figure trainer or coach and helping you grow you build and grow your own fitness business!

The one thing that we know for sure is that qualifications alone won’t make you successful. The previous dot points will. So when you are seriously thinking about what kind of trainer or coach you want to become, and what kind of reputation you want to have moving forward, think about what PT course is going to help you be that. If you want to be the best, you have to be trained by the best. Average course= Average trainer. Elite course= Elite trainer!

While people aren’t stupid, we still get drawn into a cheaper option with our fingers crossed that it’s all going to somehow work out. Don’t be sucked in by a cheap course and thinking that you just need the qualification to be make it work. You may eventually finish, gain the Certificate III & IV in Fitness but will you have the knowledge, skills, systems, processes and confidence to make it work?

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