Investing in Your Fitness Business Education

Why did I feel the need to create a Business Mentorship Program for Personal Trainers and Coaches? Well, the stats say it all.

We know business is challenging at the best of times and depending on what article or study you read you’ll find that the success rate of making a business work is extremely low. Most state that around 90% of small businesses don’t make it 3 years.
Insane right?! So why would someone go into business?

I can only speak for myself, but my first initial thought was when I was just 18.
I was young, naïve, and working as an apprentice butcher. I started as a 16-year-old and initially I was quite slow compared to the other guys in the shop. I had a 4th year apprentice showing me the ropes however, I quickly worked out he wasn’t the most highly skilled and efficient worker and didn’t possess a high work ethic. So, I continued to learn methods from him, but I’d also go in early and stay back late to learn of the others.

The butchers all had the special skill sets, so rather than just learning off the 4th year apprentice and building an average skillset, I spent my time working on my craft, building my skillset, and watching the guys who specialised in certain areas and tried to develop skill sets in those areas.

After a couple of years, I felt as though I was as good as those guys and now faster than some of the qualified guys in certain areas and was getting through more work. Add in the 5-minute cigarette breaks every hour which I wasn’t taking not being a smoker, and I was getting through an extra hour per day. That adds up through the weeks, months, and year. An hour a day is 5 hours per week, 20 hours a month so 5 weeks per year.

I’m sure most of us have been in jobs where we get through way more work, give better customer service or are way better at what we do, yet still get paid the same as others.
We feel unappreciated for the time and effort we put in and that creates a thought of “maybe I could do this myself” or “what if I got paid for all the work I actually do”

Sound familiar? Well, this was my initial thought – I thought of working for myself or being self-employed.

However, I fell into the trap of just looking for higher paying jobs in different industries. Many people that join our PT courses have done the same or have been busy climbing the corporate ladder to then later work out that the ladder was not leading them to where they really wanted to go.

Fast forward to where I was considering becoming a Personal Trainer and starting in the fitness industry. The predominant model in health clubs is where you become an IBO or independent business owner running your own small PT business within the gym or health club. This model was a little daunting, knowing that I had to develop business skills that I knew I didn’t possess but also really exciting knowing that I was prepared to work hard, had great work ethic and that if I put it altogether, I would be able to create an income that I deserved – just like my initial thoughts when I was 18, of getting paid for what I actually did.

NHFA Founder & Director, Dave Burgis, goes through investing in your fitness business education! We know business is challenging at the best of times and depending on what article or study you read you’ll find that the success rate of making a business work is extremely low. Most state that around 90% of small business don’t make it 3 years. Insane right, so why would someone go into business?

With this in mind, I enrolled into my Certificate III & IV in Fitness to gain my Personal Training qualifications and start my dream career. But to cut a long story short, it wasn’t what I initially imagined. I didn’t pop on my Personal Trainer uniform and magically have clients flock – I’d developed a skillset around Personal Training but not around running a Personal Training business as a self-employed PT.

So many of us start businesses because we are good at what we do; however, being a great Personal Trainer or Fitness Coach doesn’t necessarily mean that you have the business skills to make a great business out of it.
It’s not just PT’s & Fitness Coaches – how many tradespeople have been in the same situation being great at what they do, feel as though they are unappreciated or could be doing a better job themselves, before realising that they don’t possess the business skills required?

I created a program that could save you thousands around this very topic called the Business Mentorship, taking you through these very topics and mistakes that Trainers and Coaches make going into the Fitness Industry.

If you’ve got the desire to be in business, a great work ethic and the dream of becoming a fitness entrepreneur, then my advice is chase after it! Give it everything you’ve got, but also be methodical about your approach. They say success leaves clues and modelling off others that have had success in those areas is a great start. Invest in Coaches and Mentors that have made mistakes, learned from those mistakes, and can share these pearls of wisdom and coach you to success to avoid the challenges and mistakes that they made.

I read a book called Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki (as pictured below with me and Robert’s wife, Kim) which reinforced the fact that I really wanted to be in business; that despite the challenges that I was having when first starting out, I was on the right track. It helped me establish my direction and give me the confidence & motivation to keep moving forward with my dream career.

I’ve taken the lessons from that book & others and included that in our Business Mentorship Program. That alone was one of the most valuable activities and lessons that I’ve ever learned.

The other really important lesson that I learned about education and when investing in my own business education is, with money being really tight I would always consider the financial cost of doing a course or attending a seminar. My thought process was how much does it cost, e.g. $200 vs $2000 for example – but now I look at it completely different.
My thought process is what will it cost me if I don’t? How much will I lose in doing the wrong things, making unnecessary mistakes and all the time spent on things that won’t make a big difference towards building my business or making a larger income?
If it’s a great course, coach, or mentor with outstanding reviews, the cost of not doing it will be way more than the physical cost of doing it. The question is, will this investment of $2000 pay for itself and help me create the knowledge skills & strategies to create the business I want?

The real question is how much you are prepared to invest in you, your career and your dreams. All your business success is on the other side of gaining the education, skills, and strategies to make it happen

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