Fitness Trends For 2017

Fitness Trends For 2017


2016 has been a busy year for Personal Trainers and people jumping on the fitness wagon. Along with a general rise in boot camps, hybrid classes and boutique studios, this past year has seen an enormous increase in online fitness programs and ‘challenges.’

While we all want everyone to be happy, healthy and out there exercising, there are some fitness fads which cause more harm than good. One of the craziest, and most ill advised, is the “Waist Training” fad, which involves women wearing constricting corsets to ‘train’ their waists to become thinner and adopt a more hourglass shape. Not only is this very hazardous to your body by causing reflux or interfering with breathing, corset wearing does not yield and long term health or weight loss results.

Now that 2017 is approaching we have compiled a list of positive fitness trends to watch out for in the New Year so you can keep your clients on track with proven and structured routines and away from potentially dangerous exercise fads which have not yet been proven to deliver results.

Here’s our top 5 fitness predictions for 2017:

1) Dance and Aerobic style classes: There’s nothing more motivating than getting fit to some killer tunes. As well as getting the chance to bust out to your favourite music, dance and aerobic style classes also improve coordination and flexibility. According to ELLE Online, there has been increase in themed dance fitness classes such as the “Beyoncé” class, where you learn the routines of backup dancers that shake it on stage with Queen B. Glamorous!

2) Outdoor fitness classes: Due to the popularity of TV shows like American Ninja Warrior, fitness classes focused on Parkour (“the activity or sport of moving rapidly through an area, typically in an urban environment, negotiating obstacles by running, jumping, and climbing. “  – Google Definitions) are expected to make a big jump in 2017.

3) Gadgets in fitness class: Wearable technology isn’t going anywhere anytime soon as fitness classes, such as indoor cycling, are getting fitted with monitors that display your gadget stats (ex: heart rate) while you exercise – adding a competitive edge to your routine.

4) Live stream fitness classes: it looks as though DVD fitness classes are out and live stream classes are in. Streaming online through social media or your website allows fitness studios and PT’s to incorporate more clients per class without increasing venue size. We are already seeing some studios offering subscriptions and or pay per stream options.

Happy New Year!