Why is being a Personal Trainer so attractive for those that want freedom?

Most of us have all been employees at some point. When first starting our careers it’s generally the best option; we have no experience, little idea of the systems, processes and procedures of the role and need to be heavily guided. For those that pick things up relatively quickly and in an environment that they enjoy, generally start to enjoy the role as they see themselves improve and become efficient, and later a vital part of the business.

But for those that are somewhat entrepreneurial or have the desire to learn, grow and make progress, the role can become stale pretty quickly. These are also the same people that take pride in their work and like to carry out the roles to the best of their ability and have tremendous work ethic. We find ourselves working hard, doing a better job than our colleagues, often providing better customer service and becoming amazing employees, yet still feel unappreciated and undervalued. We’re doing more for the business than other staff and yet we’re still paid the same.

Once this happens it’s not long until we start looking for change and in certain roles such as tradies etc. we often start thinking about the prospect of going into business ourselves. We start to think what it would be like not to have the hours set by someone else, having holidays when we want them, having more freedom around our lifestyle and not having the current frustrations that we’re experiencing in our current jobs.

At this point most people then start to consider if the industry they first started in is really the one for them or if it’s something they fell into, was convenient at the time or worked their way up in, only to find out years later that it’s rather unfulfilling and they’re craving true job satisfaction.

NHFA Founder & Director, Dave Burgis, takes you through why being a PT is attractive to those who crave their freedom.

This is the process that hundreds of the PT’s that I’ve trained went through and if you’ve read any of my previous blogs or know my story, it’s what I went through as well.

The Fitness Industry allows those that would love more freedom in their life and have the desire to want to work their own hours, the opportunity to do just that. Becoming an Online Trainer gives you even more flexibility; being able to program for your clients literally anywhere in the world!

Even if you chose to be a face-to-face trainer, there’s little start-up costs compared to almost all other businesses and an ever-growing industry, as well as a plethora of options the fitness industry – becoming a Personal Trainer gives most people the opportunity to design their own life and have more freedom! 

While, like all businesses, it’s challenging, once understanding the fundamentals of business, and creating systems & processes like we teach in our Fitness Business Courses, we see our Trainer and Coaches going on to create their dream lifestyles doing what they love.

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