As a new trainer or coach, what’s the most important thing I need to focus on?

I often get asked by new trainers entering the industry, “what’s the most important thing I need to focus on?”
There’s a lot of important things, but the process is the most important thing to focus on and bring yourself back to. What I mean by that, is bringing yourself back and concentrating on the most important things that will make the biggest difference.

It’s not the things that most trainers want to focus on. We get excited about choosing our new business name and spend hours on our logo. Even though that’s fun and exciting it doesn’t make the biggest difference. The questing to ask is, what is the one thing that will make the biggest difference today, this week this month? Then concentrate on that and don’t allow yourself to get distracted doing the things that are fun or you enjoy doing but will make little difference.
What are the things I NEED to do, not that I want to do.

If you don’t know, that’s your starting point. Finding a coach or mentor that can help establish this for you should be your first priority or focus point. Most new trainers and coaches are in the process of changing careers and being full-time; that means having a full-time income. It also means building a client base and having a stable income and managing your own small business.

NHFA Founder & Director, Dave Burgis, personally delves into the most important thing that new Personal Trainers or Fitness Coaches need to focus on!

This leads to our question – what’s the most important thing I can do to achieve this?
Start by looking at what systems are needed. Lead generation, managing & nurturing your leads, creating content, automating that content, creating payment gateways, managing the finances & bookkeeping, creating business plans and implementing targets & KPI’s, then managing all those systems.

Each system can be broken down to help establish a plan and after a while, complicated business systems seem quite simple. The challenge is when you’re first starting out it seems overwhelming, especially if you’ve never been in business or fortunate enough to be around anyone that’s done well – especially in Fitness Business as it’s a whole different ball game.

Understanding what you want to achieve and the implementation of the systems that will allow you to do this is what’s most important! Without this, it just won’t work. You must have a plan, a large plan that’s broken down into smaller defined goals with implementation strategies.
As the saying goes “fail to prepare, then prepare to fail.”

If you’re just looking to get started, I recommend you invest in our Fast Track Business Foundations course to help you get started. If you know that you need guidance or a coaches and mentors that can help guide you on your path, then please consider our Business Mentor Program.

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