The Benefits of Training in the Great Outdoors

fitness training outdoors

At NHFA we are committed to educating our students on a wide and diverse range of fitness training skills and techniques.  We understand the importance of Personal Trainers being able to easily adapt to different surroundings whilst still catering to the needs of their clients. Not every client will want to get into shape in a gym environment or have access to fitness equipment, which leaves us the option of using one of the best and most cost effective options – training outside.

Not only is it beneficial for the Personal Trainer to able to adapt their training to different venues and environments – such as parks, sports ovals etc; but there are a multitude of physical and mental health benefits for those clients who choose to train in the great outdoors.

 Mental health:

  • Simply being outside and viewing natural surroundings has shown to lower stress and mental fatigue (apparently even looking at a photo of nature can have these effects!).
  • Research has shown being outdoors regularly can improve self-confidence, ease symptoms of depression and generally improve mental well-being.
  • People who exercise outdoors often are more likely to stick to their routines than if they only exercise indoors.

Physical Health:

  • Studies have shown that completing a fitness session outdoors increases their energy levels more than doing the same session inside.
  • People who work out outdoors can usually exercise for a longer period of time.
  • Exposure to Vitamin D will assist in overall health and well-being and improve immune system.
  • Fresh air, which is free from recycled germs from indoor air-conditioning systems
  • Exposure to plants on the regular can improve your immune system.

So if you’re interested in joining the fitness industry, appreciate the environment, like to be around nature and enjoy the benefits of training outside in the fresh air while you’re training, then NHFA has the program for you!

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