We’ve spoken extensively why things may not be working out the way you planned when first starting out. Once again start with the first blogs, because most of the answers are there! Especially Part 1.

We’ve spoken about the problems being:

  1. You as the personal trainer/coach
  2. Fitness entrepreneur
  3. The systems/processes in the business and not taking action is rectifying these
  4. You’re lacking a coach and mentor to take you to your desired level
  5. The wrong business models

In this last blog of this series, we need to address the fact that maybe it’s not working out because you’ve started with the wrong business model. Let’s look at some examples.

We said when we first start out, we may be better off with a paid employee or paid per class model. Like a functional-type studio e.g. F45 bodyfit etc.  Check out this blog

If you have more experience, great communication skills and are driven to learn and develop as a fitness business operator or fitness entrepreneur maybe becoming an IBO in a health club is the right answer. Check out this blog

An example I see all too often, especially in the last 12-18 months, is the “I’m going to be an online coach” mentality. Your plan is to build your social media following, become an influencer and create programs for people so that you can work anywhere in the world. Firstly, if that’s your plan, I commend you on your ambition and enthusiasm. I’d never like to take that away from anyone, especially when that’s exactly what you need to make it in any business, especially to become an extremely successful online coach.

My job as a coach and mentor is to help educate trainers and coaches on how to implement successful strategies to achieve the goals. If that is your goal, fantastic, but let’s work backwards here. Have you developed even just a basic business plan?
With step-by-step implementation strategies around:

  • software,
  • lead generation strategies,
  • CRM,
  • or customer relation manager for automating emails


  • creating data bases etc,
  • website,
  • payment gateways,
  • finances systems,
  • software for the accounting of the online programs,
  • insurance to cover you,
  • data protection,
  • and transaction insurance & fraud protection.

That’s just the start…

NHFA Founder & Director, Dave Burgis, gives advice to Personal Trainers or Coaches who feel like it’s just not working

Not to mention developing a skill set for programming, filming the programs, articulating yourself and not leaving yourself open to those that will attack you when you get it wrong. There will also be customer service, writing T&C’s refund policies and disputes, not to mention the financial input to get started as well.

If this is you, I’m not trying to talk you out of it just giving a realistic presentation of what will be required moving forward and most importantly if it’s the right option to get started with. If you struggle on Camera, IT is not your thing and you’re not overly self-motivated to sit on your own and work, this may not be the best option or solely the best option.

As an example, maybe you’re better off in a club where you’re able to build your client base with in-person sessions while building your online business on the side. That way you don’t have the pressure of only selling online packages, you have given yourself options and you are able to build your knowledge & skills and develop your online business as you go. Once it’s to a point where it’s really killing it, you can transition from the gym and be solely an online trainer or influencer if that’s your thing.

And that concludes our 4-part blog series!

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